Superfoods To Implement In Your Diet

A healthy diet is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy. If not, the best. Superfoods are those that have the best nutritional value for our body. If you implement these foods into your diet then you can be well on your way to keeping your body healthy. If you ever get stuck with having all your vitamins and minerals in your diet then consider taking a multivitamin.

Dark Leafy Vegetables

Many of us as a child was told to eat our greens. There is plenty of good reasons for that as well. Kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, turnip greens and spinach. One of the best things about these vegetables is that they contain high levels of anti-inflammatory compounds, also known as carotenoids.

These vegetables are also filled with vitamins and minerals that are vital for our health. These nutrients are Folate, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, vitamin C and fibre. These are all very important for our diet. You might not enjoy these foods on their own so try and incorporate them with soup, stir-fries and curries.


Berries are a strong antioxidant that is linked to reducing the risk of numerous amount of diseases. They are a nutritional powerhouse that brings many benefits to the table. Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Cranberries are all great to put into a smoothie to give you plenty of health benefits.

There are multiple options that you can consider when it comes to eating berries. You can have them in a fruit salad, a smoothie or put them with your cereal in the morning for breakfast. You can also put them in a desert. It all depends on your personal preference. 


Eggs have also been known for their high amounts of protein. However, there are a few more nutrients they contain that our body’s need. This includes some B vitamins, Choline, Selenium, Vitamin A, Iron and phosphorus.

It is also suspected that eggs can protect the health of your eyes. There are multiple benefits with eggs, not just for their high amounts of protein.


Salmon is one of the nutritious fish meats out there. If not the most nutritious. Salmon is not only packed with protein but healthy fats as well. Not to mention it contains B vitamins, Potassium and Selenium.

It is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids which, are well known in the health industry to have multiple health benefits. Eating salmon can lower the risk of some diseases as well.


There are other “superfoods” out there that can be highly beneficial for your health and diet. Depending on your diet, for example, if you are a vegan then you might need to consider zinc supplements. There are also other vitamins and minerals that a vegan could be short of. You are always best consulting your doctor about your diet and what you need to implement in your diet to keep you healthy. These superfoods will just help.