Roto Silenta 630 RS: Standout Features

The process of blood separation is considered one of the meticulous procedures that are carried out in clinical laboratories. Blood separation is done through a procedure known as centrifugation. To do the process, medical diagnostic centers, hospitals, and clinics use a blood centrifuge.   

Blood centrifuges come in various models and brands. One of the most trusted blood centrifuges is the Hettich Roto Silenta 630 RS.

The Standout Features of the Roto Silenta 630 RS

The Roto Silenta 630 RS is a floor-standing and heavy duty blood centrifuge. It is well-known for its efficient and rapid centrifugation of blood bags. It can also spin up to 12 blood bags each run. This model also has four and six-place rotor options, providing more versatility.

The Roto Silenta 630 RS is typically used in the following fields of application:

  • In clinical chemistry: Blood and other fluid examples are separated for analysis, assessing the health status of patients.
  • In research development: Blood components are separated for analysis to create treatment solutions, including vaccines.
  • In research and development environments: The device can be used to accommodate a maximum of six vessels (up to 2,000 ml each).

The Roto Silenta 630 RS is also considered as one of the most sturdy and dependable floor-standing centrifuges available today. This allows it to maintain optimal balance and speed as well as the right temperature levels during the centrifugation process.

Unlike other models, the Roto Silenta 630 RS has a low noise level, which makes it the ideal option for all types of work conditions. It also has a vast range of carriers for bottles, blood collection tubes, blood bag systems, and standard tubes. It also allows multi-purpose centrifugation in one rotor. This means no changing of rotors is needed.