Overcoming Eye Stye with This Easy Way

A stye or hordeolum is a lump on the eyelid accompanied by signs of inflammation. For example, it is red, painful, it often causes itching and sticking.

Keep in mind, a Stye eyes have nothing to do with peeking at a person taking a bath. The Stye is actually caused by a bacterial infection, is harmless, and usually goes away on its own in 1-2 weeks.

Although it was rare to cause anything serious, its existence was sure to be annoying. In addition to feeling uncomfortable in the eye area, Stye can cause a person to become less confident.

So, before you decide to go to the doctor to treat a stye in your eye, there are a few simple ways how to get rid of a stye at home.

Easy Ways to Overcome Eye Stye

These simple steps can prevent the stye from worsening as well as speed up the healing process. How to deal with stye eyes is as follows.

1. Wash Hands Before Touching The Eye Area

Overcoming the first Stye is to keep your hands clean before touching your eyes. That’s because one of the causes of stye is the dirty area around the eyelids.

This discharge can clog the glands in the eyelids, causing stains to develop.

Therefore, it is very important to wash your hands before touching your eyes.

Even before giving eye drops — be it eye drops or ointments — it is advisable to wash your hands thoroughly beforehand.

2. Clean your eyes with water and soap that won’t sting your eyes

If you have a Stye, keeping the area around the eyes clean is also important.

An easy way to do this is to clean the area around the eyes using a baby shampoo that doesn’t sting.

Mix baby shampoo with water, cotton, or cloth, use it to clean the stye area or the eyelid area.

Perform regular cleaning not only in the eye area affected by a Stye but also in both eyes.

This is so that the other eyelid is kept clean and is protected from stye and other infections.

3. If there is no “friendly” soap for the eyes, use salt

Saltwater can work to treat bacterial infections so that in the case of stye the solution can be used.

The method is the same as the point above, but try not to get it into the eye because it can make your eyes sting.

4. Warm Compress

How to deal with other stye eyes by applying a warm compress. This can help open the blocked glandular ducts of the eyelids.

Warm compresses can be made using cosmetic cotton soaked in warm water. Then squeeze the compress, then place it on the eyelid with the eyes closed.

Compress the eyes four times a day for 5-10 minutes. When the cotton is no longer warm, soak it in warm water again.

5. Avoid Using Make-Up Around the Eyes

When experiencing Stye, it is highly recommended to stop using make-up for a while, especially in the area around the eyes. This is done to prevent worsening of the condition of the stye experienced.

If you have to use make-up around the eyes, you should clean it well.

You can use a cotton swab that has been soaked in the tip using a mixture of water and baby shampoo.

6. Take anti-pain medication

An inflammatory reaction to a Stye is often accompanied by pain. Therefore, you can take anti-pain medication to treat the stye.

One that you can consume is a drug containing paracetamol. It should also be noted whether you have a history of previous drug allergies.

7. Don’t Squeeze!

It is not recommended to squeeze the lump. The stye can drain pus, which will worsen inflammation.

That is why one way to treat a stye is not to squeeze it.

  • Those are some easy ways to deal with a Stye eye. If it’s been a week that the Stye is still annoying, even looks more inflamed, you should do a self-examination with an ophthalmologist.