Having children without a partner

Having children without a partner

Would you like to have children but do not have a partner? Or perhaps you are already pregnant but do not have a permanent partner. There are different ways to have a child on your own and even raise it on your own, for example through a donor. Read more about these topics here.

Pregnant without a partner?

Are you currently pregnant and do not have a partner? Perhaps you are still curious about who the father is. You can find out during your pregnancy. Search for ‘legal dna testing near me’ and you will get several results. Of course you will need the DNA of the potential father to find out if he really is the father. Is this not possible? Then it is important to make the best of it and to see the upbringing as your responsibility. There are also many people who choose to raise their child together with friends.

Becoming pregnant with a donor

If you would like to become pregnant but do not have a partner, you can choose to use a donor. Some people choose a donor from their immediate or indirect environment, while others go to a sperm bank where everything is completely anonymous. The bank looks at the mother’s appearance and makes a match based on this. Would you like to choose a donor from your environment? Ask the person in question and possibly do a home male fertility test to find out if it is possible to have children.

Raising a child without a partner

Don’t have a partner but do have a child? Then you will have to raise him or her alone. This can sometimes be difficult because you have to find a balance between work and raising the child. Therefore, choose a babysitter, nanny or ask for help from family or friends. There are also many people who would be happy to look after a child for example at the weekend. This way you still have time to do other things like work or take some time for yourself.


You can have a child without a partner, but it is nice for your child and yourself when there is some extra help at home from others. Choose a donor from your immediate surroundings or go to a sperm bank to have a baby. Becoming pregnant without a partner is perfectly possible nowadays.