Dr. Allan Spiegel MD Discusses CRPS: Disorder Plaguing Doctors, Until Now

“Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a devastating posttraumatic neuroinflammatory condition with both autoinflammatory and autoimmune features, characterized by unrelenting severe pain and disability, with the majority of affected patients being unable to function socially or vocationally.” (*1) It is believed by many that CRPS causes nerves to become overly sensitive. Pain becomes more painful, and light touch and temperature changes are also experienced as pain. Normally this disorder is following an injury or other event. Some of which may include trauma, fracture, infection, or surgery. Unfortunately with CRPS, pain is not only limited to the area that was injured. According to Harvard Health Publishings “CRPS has been called by many other names. These include reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS), algodystrophy, causalgia, shoulder-hand syndrome, Sudeck’s atrophy and transient osteoporosis. There are two types of CRPS: Type I – there is no nerve damage present,Type II – a nerve abnormality can be detected” (*2)

“Some people with CRPS improve without treatment. But getting early treatment improves your chances of pain relief.” (*2) Treatments for CRPS vary but the leading treatments are Physical Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. At Dr. Allan Spiegel’s office you will find both of these treatments and a highly commended Neurologist. Having a neurologist who can prescribe the medically necessary medications and having additional therapy options increases the odds of healing your injuries for the long term.

“Helping those patients who suf er from chronic pain syndromes is a huge joy for my practice. We set goals with our patients and we all celebrate when they reach their successes.” Dr Allan M. Spiegel

Success is found all over Dr. Spiegel’s office. You will find that patients in the physical therapy clinic are always being cheered on. There have been many studies done proving the efficacy of physical therapy for CRPS sufferers. One such study “describes the examination, intervention, and outcomes for a patient with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome I (CRPS I) treated with Physical Therapy. The patient was diagnosed with CRPS I following a Grade II ankle sprain. Throughout the treatment period, an increase in function was noted, gait improved, Single limb stance on the involved leg increased from 0 to 40 over the course of treatment and ankle active range of motion both returned to normal values.” (*3)

“CRPS remains a poorly understood and difficult-to-treat chronic syndrome.”(*3) That being said, there is still hope in treating this condition. Dr. Allan Spiegel MD has found success with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to effectively treat and even resolve CRPS symptoms.

HBOT has been studied by many. One such study reveals the power of Oxygen in the treatment of CRPS. “In this study we assessed the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy for treating patients with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Of the 71 patients, 37 were allocated to the HBO group and 34 to the control (normal air) group. Both groups received 15 therapy sessions in a hyperbaric chamber. Pain, oedema and range of motion (ROM) of the wrist were evaluated before treatment, after the 15th treatment

session and on day 45. In the HBO group there was a significant decrease in pain and oedema and a significant increase in the ROM of the wrist. When we compared the two groups, the HBO group had significantly better results with the exception of wrist extension. In conclusion, HBO is an effective and well-tolerated method for decreasing pain and oedema and increasing the ROM in patients with CRPS.” (*4)

CRPS symptoms can be lifelong when left untreated. Treatment for CRPS is not that far away, you can find the help that you need, at Dr. Allan Spiegel’s office.