Blood Tube Sealer Applications

One of the most important tools that the blood banks and repositories use would be  the blood tube sealer. Primarily, blood tube sealers are used to seal blood bag pilot tubes to ensure secure containment. However, blood tubes sealers offer many other peerless benefits. In diagnostic centres, hospitals, and clinics, blood tube sealers are used on:

  • Urine bags
  • Blood bags
  • Infusion bags

Blood tube sealers make use of a high-frequency sealing system to perform a complete seal which ensures any risks of contamination and spillage are avoided. Considered a compact lab equipment, blood tube sealers are designed to be able to seal with an average speed of 1 tube per 1.5 seconds. Since the tubes are properly and securely sealed, they can be separated easily by pulling the joints from both their sides.

If you are purchasing a blood tube sealer, one of the recommended brands you should look for is the SEALmatic P by LMB. This portable tube sealer comes equipped with a carrying band for convenient and easy handling. It is also lightweight so you can enjoy a high level of mobility during out-of-clinic blood collections. It is also ideal for use in donation rooms and during field work.

Other enticing features of the SEALmatic P include:

  • Smaller and lighter redesigned housing
  • Easier access for tubing insertions
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Automatic adjustments for high efficiency to ensure faster sealing time
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Takes only 1-3 seconds for one seal
  • Low haemolysis technology
  • Small head for sealing process transparency
  • Can seal tubes even while in charging mode

The SEALmatic P provides efficiency and convenience that are hard to match. This is essential in containment activities and blood collection. It can also be used during mobile collections and inside clinics. This allows gathering of blood donations to be carried out securely and safely even when outdoors.